For more than 73 years, Dr. Amin Controllers has proudly served Indian businesses by being a name that they can trust. We have grown from a Testing & Inspection company into key partners for our clients across their supply chains. Today's agricultural, industrial, and minerals business leaders want more reliability and accountability than ever before. And our 1000+ strong team delivers on these needs by going beyond just laboratory samples and reports, by being present for our customers wherever and whenever they need us most.Our team embodies this role for critical commodity traders, infrastructure leaders, natural resource companies, and above all, the Indian consumer. They work round the clock to ensure a seamless flow of information, efficient reporting, accurate testing and reliable consulting.

Quality Inspection Services

With the growth of India's population and food sector, consumers need to know that there is never a compromise on the quality of their food from farm gate to fork. Consumers deserve to know that producers will be held accountable and that their government has systems in place to ensure that. And our recently uplifted, state of the art food safety laboratories are here to ensure just that.

We are proud to be a 100% Indian owned and family-controlled company. Our steady growth coupled with our management's vision has gradually seen us grow our presence across both industries and geographies, without ever compromising on our values.

We remain committed to upholding quality standards across industries with the same level of integrity that we held when our founder embarked on this journey in 1950. It is this very legacy that makes us proud to serve customers of all sizes from regional manufacturers and growers to some of the world's largest banks and energy companies. Come be a part of our story today.

Commodites Inspection Services
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