Indian Subcontinent

With over 15 offices across the country and 7 ISO accredited laboratories - Dr. Amin Controllers has one of the largest Indian and independently owned inspection and surveying networks in the country.

Our offices are strategically located at all points of trade and commerce, both on the coasts as well as the hinterlands, and our laboratories were established with a very specific goal in mind - to service our clients with accuracy and speed. Wherever the of the point of activity, we are able to assure short turn around times for our customers with our 24/7 reporting systems and efficient sample processing at the laboratories.

Indian Subcontinent

Our Offices

  • Head Office

  • Regional Offices

  • Branch Offices

  • Head Laboratory

Offices led by senior management that oversee end-to-end operations and client-facing responsibilities within their geographic area.

Operations-focused teams undertaking field operations.

Our newly inaugurated laboratory, that is home to a team of 30+ scientists who serve as technical subject matter experts both internally and externally.

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