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For more than 68 years, Dr. Amin Controllers Private Limited has served the Indian consumer by being a name that they can trust. We are more than just a Testing & Inspection company. Our Quality Assurances go beyond singular samples and shipments. We have watched our nation and the world change over the years - today consumers want more reliability and accountability with integrity.

They deserve to know that the end to end processing of their food products from farmgate to fork are being looked over. They deserve to know that energy companies are held responsible for the raw materials they use. They deserve to know that their government is looking out for them.

And we are here to ensure that.

Dr. Amin Controllers Pvt Ltd is proud to be a 100% Indian owned and family-controlled Testing, Inspection & Certification company.

We provide services a range of services. From inspecting wheat and corn at the farmgate, rice and sugar at the manufacturing plants; to testing food products at our state of the art laboratory facility; to sampling, assaying of Coal and Ores at the mines, power stations and ports; to serving Trade Finance Banks & Institutions for Collateral Management; to Inspecting and certifying the performance of Boilers, Heat Exchangers and Line Pipes; to ensuring the quality of infrastructure, we are and will be where you need us. There is no discrimination towards any assignment, big or small, we are here to assure our clients on Quality which is our foremost policy.

Our team of a 1000 plus employees works round the clock to ensure a seamless flow of information, efficient reporting, accurate testing and reliable consulting.

Ship Surveys And Inspections





DACPL acquires Intertek's Mineral's division to augment its own mineral portfolio, and begins providing services to industry leaders such as Adani, Essar, and JSW. The technical division reaps the benefits of its credibility to Indian industry and government and secures empanelments with the Petroleum & Natural Gas Resources Board, and the Honourable Prime Minister's visionary Jal Jeevan Mission. A rapidly growing processed foods industry coupled with skyrocketing domestic demand sees DACPL inaugurate a state of the art food testing laboratory spread over 15000 sq. ft . to cater to the country's growing food testing



With the formation of the WTO both Indian government and industry place an increased emphasis on quality and standards, paving the way for TIC companies to expand their services. 50 years in the industry as an organisation with an impeccable sense of integrity, DACPL begins offering collateral management services to multinational trade financing banks such as BNP Paribas, SC, Credit Agricole and IndoSuez amongst others. In 2005, DACPL establishes its mineral division, securing its first contract work from Gujarat State Electricity Board. A newly born FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India ) recognizes DACPL's food testing laboratory as one of the first FSSAI approved laboratories for testing of imported packaged foods, fruits, dairy products, etc. The Technical division begins providing inspection services to oil giants such as Saudi Aramco, Kuwait Oil Company.


The technical division gradually grows its credibility and secures contracts from organisations such as ONGC, IOC, RCF both for their steel plant as well as for their offshore department. The DACPL family sees tremendous growth with the liberalisation of the Indian economy from 80 to 450+ people, growing its presence in both Eastern and Southern India.


In the early 1980s, the 2nd generation of the Amin family joins DACPL to build upon their father's goodwill and reputation. Siddharth Amin takes charge of commodity services focusing on sugar, vegetable oils, and iron ore, and also begins providing marine services. DACPL establishes its first contracts with global giants Cargill International, Sucden, Bunge, EDF Man, and Louis Dreyfus amongst others. 1986 sees DACPL's acquisition of Iteng Engineering which is engaged in Industrial & Technical Inspections. 1987 also sees the acquisition of the controlling and management stake in Inspectorate (India) the JV of the Inspectorate Group, Germany at the time. Vikram Amin returns to India after completing his degree in Civil Engineering and formally establishes DACPL's technical services division.



RCA expands to the Far East setting up an office in Tokyo in collaboration with NKK for mineral assaying services. He rebrands from the RCA Group to Dr.Amin Controllers Pvt. Ltd. (DACPL).


RCA scales a countrywide quality testing infrastructure and laboratory network. He expands his scope of work outside of the laboratory to include surveying services at the ports. Internationally, he successfully leverages his own network and establishes offices in London (with J.H. Wiggins), Hamburg, and RIjeka. At home his stellar reputation helps him to secure business from State Trading Corporation (STC) & Metals & Minerals Trading Corporation (MMTC) of India, as the first inspection agency to be officially appointed by the Indian Government.



Launched our company in 1950

Following the completion of his PhD in Pharmacology in 1948, our founder Dr. Raman C Amin (RCA) returned to an independent India and meets with the visionary Sardar Vallabhai Patel to discuss how he might serve his nation. Following Mr Patel's advice, RCA decides to venture into quality testing services. He starts his journey by founding Therapeutics Chemical Research Corporation (TCRC) and enters into an arrangement with General Superintendence Co. of India (GSCo, now SGS) to provide them with laboratory testing and sampling services in India.

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