Structured Trade Services

Collateral Management Services

For all our Collateral Management Arrangements (CMAs), we take complete custody of the goods in question. From the time that our services are sought up until the cargo is entirely sold, exported or processed - we would assume total control over its management.

This is done by ensuring that the storage facility is entirely under control - either through warehouses contracted or leased to us, or within the plant or warehouse of the producer which would be leased to us. Having control over the storage space allows us to also control the movement of the cargo.

CMAs also include the issuing of a title document from Dr. Amin Controllers Pvt Ltd which clarifies that the cargo in question is under the sole custody of the collateral manager. This is our guarantee to you.

The release of cargo from the storage facility would also be monitored and controlled by us - this would be done against confirmation from the financier and seller that a specific amount of cargo has been cleared under financing and is approved for release. Without this directive, the cargo remains under our custody.

We also perform Warehouse Inspection Reports to deem the suitability of a storage facility prior to its usage. Quality and quantity assessments can also be provided upon request.

Structured Trade Services

Stock Monitoring Services

For our clients who do not require an end to end service with regard to their financed goods, we provide our Stock Monitoring Arrangements (SMA) where our main role is to keep you updated on the status and movement of your goods. This can be arranged through continuous stock monitoring or periodic spot monitoring services to check on the movement, quality and quantity of the goods in question.

SMAs are also advisable should the storage facility not be under our control and if our clients foresee the swift clearance of both finances and the cargo.

Stock Monitoring Services

Quantity & Quality Assessments

Sometimes our clients require us to conduct spot checks or audits to make sure their interest are being tended to with the proper amount of care and attention - that is where we step in. We depute our most qualified team members to conduct on the ground stock verifications and quality assessments to provide our clients with real time updates from the field.

Our QQAs can be conducted across any location, commodity and service vertical. Should you require any further clarification on the above services, feel free to reach out to our Mumbai Head office - all structured trade assignments are centrally controlled.

Collateral Management
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